Clements Racing Products
Tecumseh OHV Big Block Parts
These engines are available and if you
want to build one of your own you'll need
the items listed below, for questions and
pricing call Mike at 480-704-4087.
We have received many calls
inquiring about these Big Outlaw
Engines. So, we took these photos
to allow you a look at the Tecumseh
parts we have to offer anyone
planning on building one.

The base Engine is a 12hp
Tecumseh OHV. We are showing a
complete factory fresh Tecumseh
12hp in addition to a complete race
built Tecumseh 12hp Engine.

There are enough of the OHV
components here for the interested
engine builder to put together two
more of these "Thumpers".

Sorry for the oily, dirty pieces we
have learned over the years to just
leave the oil on the parts, it keeps
the rust and scorpions away.

So for Serious Inquires Only, call