Bryan O'Donnell - PHOENIX, AZ
Chris Rhein- Phoenix AZ

Biggest Accomplishments:

Qualifying for the O'Reilly Indoor Kart
Nationals both nights & getting a 10th
place finish out of 19 karts on the 1st

Having my Granny & Papaw get to watch
me race & get a win for them.
Clayton Poole, California
Briggs 305 Power
Brittany McWhorter
signing autographs with
Nascar Nationwide
Driver, Ricky Stenhouse J
Pictured here is Tiffany Rambow on
her Clements 305 powered
Cushman scooter during a chassis
dyno test.  Tiffany drag races all
over the country, she and her dad
are experts in the art of pinstriping
Dave Shullick Jr in his Asphalt Super Modified
Aaron Morrison driving #24 kart of
Morrison Bros. Racing with 305 Open
Racing parts.  Feature win at Owosso High
Banked Nationals. 2011.
" Chase Scott with his Buller Kart &
Trophys.  The first 5 weeks of
racing we went 0-5 JR Gas I Motor,
Chase went 14 for 16 races, winning
heats, Trophies & A Features.  Not
bad considering this was his first
year of competition!!  Also, thanks
for the initial chassis setting, that
really got us on the right track"!

Dan Scott-
Lincoln NE
This is a custom built Briggs Raptor
Engine for a young lady who  picked
bright green as her color of choice.
Clements Racing Products
Brittany's Briggs Raptor Blueprinted,
Custom Color Stock Engine
Mike Lavite of Roxana, IL driving with a  
Clements Built, Fully Open, Tecumseh
Star Engine.
Cayden Spring Biography
Cayden attends Burke Basic School in Mesa, AZ.
Cayden is 6 years old and is in the 1st grade.
Cayden has maintained an A+ in all subjects
which has put him on the 1st Honor Roll for the
1st two quarters. (meaning his grade average is
98% or better)
Cayden also attended Kindergarten at Burke
Basic Charter School at the age of 5 years old.
While in Kindergarten he was on the Honor
Roll during the 2nd, 3rd & 4th quarters of the
school year. (meaning he maintained A’s & B’s in
all his subjects). Cayden received a medal for
perfect attendance as well as an Honor Roll
Certificate at the end of his Kindergarten year.
Caydens favorite subjects in school are recess &
math. He enjoys reading as well.
Caydens hobbies are racing go karts as well as
riding his bike, driving the wave runner and
playing with his RC trucks.
Tyler wrote: "Taking the time to thank
everyone who helped out my brother
Aaron on the best indoor season. My
brother worked his butt off everynight in
the garage to get his kart ready to to
compete. He only won once this season but
everyone helped to make sure he stayed
towards the front. He showed me the spirit
of a true Racer inside and out.Aaron
successfully Won the CHAMPIONSHIP in

Clements horsepower!!!
. It is the fastest
class in the building most nights and has
some of the best drivers racing. I wish i
could've raced more the season with you
bro thank you for all the great memories
and congrats. thanks to everyone who
helped my brother this indoor
Season.Definetly the Morrison family would
like to thank Jack Gritter and everyone else
that helped/involved with the midwest
indoor racing series. We will be cherishing
this moment for a lifetime!"
Tyler Morrison
Seth Riggs from Eugene, Oregon
Dane Idelson
Southern California