1960 NASCAR Championship winning car
driven by Rex White. Car was owned and
built by White and Crew Chief, Louis
Clements shown here with the car.
First 427 cu. in. Chevy engine during
development at Desert Proving Grounds in
Arizona.  Car ran over 180 mph during tests
for upcoming 1963 Daytona 500.
1934 Chevy know as the famous "Flying
Saucer", driver G.C. Spencer. Owners and
Engine Builders were Louis and Crawford
1957 NASCAR Championship Car.  Driver
was Buck Baker. Car was prepared and
maintained by Clements Brothers, Louis &
Mike Clements shown here after qualifying
at Phoenix International Raceway in
February 2000.
Son of Louis Clements, Mike Clements,
shown here with Winston Cup Car at
Rockingham Race Track in 1988
Team "Clements Racing Products" at
Bonneville Salt Lake ready to launch their
record setting Kart which ran 144.832, July
1992 and still holds the record for the
World's Fastest Go Kart.
Mike Clements shown here with son Mike
"Rocket Man" Jr. sets records in Dad's race
prepared karts all over the country.
Clements Racing Products
Our engines have won over 50 national
championships that we know of.

Custom is our specialty.