Clements Racing Products
THE 'FREE ROLLER' HUB is designed
to be run on the Left Rear of an oval kart
in the stock and restricted stock oval
classes. Using one of these hubs on your
kart eliminates the need for rear wheel
stagger, lets the kart roll through the
corner quicker and allows for the kart to
increase speed down the straightaway by
eliminating that unwanted wheel scrub
that comes from rear wheel stagger.
Additional Explanation:  The LR Hub
allows the left rear tire to spin
independent of right rear tire, this
eliminates need for stagger which allows
kart to move throught the turns faster
and reduces drag on the chassis down the
straightaway thereby allowing increased
straightaway speed.
THE 'RATCHET' HUB  is designed to be run on the Right Rear of an
oval track kart with higher HP. Animal modifieds, 2 cycles, big outlaw
engines. When the driver backs off the throttle before entering the
corner, the ratchet hub "un locks". This allows the two rear wheels to
rotate at different speeds. Since the right rear tire has to go farther, it
needs to move faster than the Left rear. That's why we ran stagger in the
first place. The use of the Ratchet Hub on the right rear corner will
greatly reduce your dependency on rear wheel stagger. The rear stagger
will only come into play now when you tune the chassis for corner exit
speed. As the driver gets back into the throttle, in or before the center of
the corner, the ratchet hub locks the rear tires together again for a
posi-traction effect, giving full acceleration capabilities to your high dollar
Sample picture of left hub install, the
number of spacers needed could vary.