Our Billet Aluminum Carburetor
Cap is unbreakable and will hold
an extra volume of fuel right at
the cap
Clements Carburetors
We now have our New Flatslide Carburetors in stock,
ready for delivery, these new Clements Carburetor are
available in 28mm and 34mm sizes for gas or alcohol
applications. We have adjusted the fuel curve to eliminate
that pesky mid range stumble found in most motorcycle
carburetors,  shown here is the 34mm alcohol carb and
manifold to fit your GX390 or GX420 Honda or Clone.
Carburetors are $
159.95, manifold kits vary in price.
Tillotson Carburetor Tips

When using alcohol fuel it is imperative that you flush carburetor &
fuel pump with gas after each race night.
Buy a pop-off gauge for your toolbox and learn how to use it,
instructions will be included.
Your pop-off is currently set at 8lbs. and the low speed adjustment
screw is set at 1-1/2 turns and your high speed screw is set at 2
If the kart ‘stumbles’ on take off that generally means more fuel is
needed on low end so open low speed screw + ¼ turn or more.
If the kart is up to speed and the motor shuts off (feels like
someone hit the kill switch) it means the high speed is too rich and
should be leaned down by turning in the high speed screw ¼ at a
This should get you started on the right path, the Tillotson/Pumper
style carbs are easy to tune once you get the hang of it and you
have the option of tuning while driving.
Both 28 & 34 MM Carbuetors